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Meet our Executive Director - Dr. Norly Germain

Dr. Norly Germain serves as the Executive-Director of “Hope and Change for Haiti” since November 2016. Born and raised in Haiti by a single mother, Dr. Germain experienced a difficult childhood as the accessibility to basics needs was extremely limited to him. He grew up in a village where sturdy houses, access to clean water, electricity, road infrastructure, transportation means, groceries stores or markets were nonexistent. There were only one elementary school and one dispensary for a population of 6000 people. He could barely have access to a daily hot meal. Despite all the hardships he endured, he kept his focus on education until he completed his college degree in Haiti before he moved to France to pursue his master and PhD degree.

Dr. Germain is well-known for his knowledge regarding the complexity of Haiti and the challenges encounter by Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) to succeed in Haiti. Based on his experience in working with multiple NGOs and his research/study field on creating sustainable development in Haiti, he is able to develop a contextual working model that he wants to implement in his home country in order to bring effective and sustainable change to the Haitian population.

After working in Haiti between 2002 and 2009 in the industrial field and Quisqueya University, he seeks to use now his vision and his leadership to help “Hope and Change for Haiti” advances its mission in bringing hope and change to the Haitian population. Dr. Norly Germain, a PhD holder in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in healthcare management in developing countries, works as an adjunct Math professor at the University of Rhode Island, Johnson & Wales University and the Community College of Rhode Island. Over the last 12 years, he has given multiple talks and conferences on the reasons why humanitarians groups have failed in Haiti. Dr. Germain is a Kingian Nonviolence trainer, and advocate for tolerance, peace, equality and justice. He is an active member of NAACP (National Association for Advancement of Colored People), and the Cranston Action Network (CAN). Dr. Germain believes that anyone can be an agent of change. “One’s may not be capable to change the world, but one person can make a difference that would positively affect someone’s life forever”.

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