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"Hope and Change for Haiti" (HCH) - a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission consists in developing SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS in Haiti to improve, with dignity, the quality of life of the people, is seeking your financial support to BUILD A 2nd HOUSE this year in order to move a second family from the Hurricane Matthew's victim to a permanent safe home, anti-earthquake and hurricane-resistant.

After the hurricane Matthew hit Haiti on October 4th 2016 and affected nearly 1.4 million people (human deaths, livestock deaths, properties and agricultural farms destructions), HCH has worked closely with the population of Paillant (located on the Peninsula) to help

them recovered from their loss. Besides developing housing and water projects, we have most importantly helped to create a beloved community where they can recover and rebuild with dignity and social change.

Our church community (Saint David's On the Hill - Episcopal Church) and friends have financially supported the construction of the first house of 4 rooms to move a family to a permanent home.  In that area, 70 families have lost their houses due to the hurricane Matthew.  From studies performed by our Volunteer Civil Engineer and from our experience in building that house which is anti-earthquake and hurricane Resistance, It will cost us only  $8,400.00 (actual currency exchange is lower) to build a 2nd 3rooms home along with a cistern of 15000 of water for a family of 8. Your contribution will be used dollar for dollar to buy materials only.  WE DO NOT PAY FOR LABOR. Construction works are performed by volunteers.

Your financially contribution as little as it can be, will make a tremendous difference in bringing hope and change to those who currently live in fears and distresses during that hurricane season that goes from May to November. 

DO NOT wait until another natural disaster hit Haiti to help. You can make a difference today online by
clicking the Donate button, or you can Make check to "Hope and Change for Haiti", and mail it to: 63 Dale Ave, Cranston RI 02910 USA.

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See the 4 rooms house below that we already built. Total Cost: $8,331.00 Only.

House destroyed by Hurricane Mathew

Workforce by the Community

House 1 completed 85%

Workforce by the Community

Work In Progress

Beneficiaries of the 1st house

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