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Who We are

Hope and Change for Haiti-HnC is a 501(c) 3 organization based in Rhode Island. We advocate for women and immigrant rights and promote cultural awareness. In Haiti we invest in community development with a focus on water, housing, and education in the rural of the country.
HCH Board Members

Dr. Norly Germain serves as the Executive-Director of “Hope and Change for Haiti” since November 2016. Born and raised in Haiti by a single mother, Dr. Germain experienced a difficult childhood as the accessibility to basics needs was extremely limited to him. He grew up in a village where sturdy houses, access to clean water, electricity, road infrastructure, transportation means, groceries stores or markets were nonexistent. There were only one elementary school and one dispensary for a population of 6000 people. He could barely have access to a daily hot meal. Despite all the hardships he endured, he kept his focus on education until he completed his college degree in Haiti before he moved to France to pursue his master and PhD degree.

Dr. Germain is well-known for his knowledge regarding the complexity of Haiti and the challenges encounter by Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) to succeed in Haiti. Based on his experience in working with multiple NGOs and his research/study field on creating sustainable development in Haiti, he is able to develop a contextual working model that he wants to implement in his home country in order to bring effective and sustainable change to the Haitian population. .....

Born and raised in Haiti, Aniece moved to the United States in 2009 after she escaped from a life-threatening situation that left her with no choice. She settled down ever since in Cranston Rhode Island with her family. Like the majority of children who grew up in Haiti, she experienced extreme limited access to basic needs such as food, water, clothing, healthcare, and decent living space. Her parents were among of the 80% of the population who did not have a formal job to help them secure a steady income in order to take care of their children. Under a broken roof, she used to live with the fear that the next hurricane will take it away and leave them roofless, so homeless. As a female and the firstborn of a family of six people, education was her only pathway to success. Despite her limited options for schools in Haiti, and the challenges that she had to face along the way, she feels blessed that she was able to make the best choice to pursue her education in Haiti. She went to the State University of Haiti where she completed a degree in Science of Communication majoring in journalism. Aniece worked as a reporter in a daily newspaper while experiencing a TV show as an anchor. In 2007, she accepted a position as communication technician at the Ministry of Condition Feminine and Women’s Rights in Haiti....

Paul Jean-Laurent - Treasurer

My name is Paul Jean-Laurent, I’m an IT Developer with 27 years of experience. My passion is helping those less fortunate among us. I have been involved in charity work since I was a student in Haiti. I tutored math to struggling students at St Joseph's School. At Rhode Island College I was the vice president of Harambee, a black organization on campus where I connected black students from various countries to other students from similar cultures at Brown, URI, Providence College, Johnson and Wales etc. The purpose of the club was to network with students with diverse backgrounds. In 2002 I became the co-founder of the BDPA chapter of RI. Where we helped countless high school students achieve their goals and to improve opportunities to attend college. We also taught computer classes as well as various seminars for youths from local communities

Mideline Janvier - Assistant Treasurer

Raised by a single parent with limited resources, Mideline has early learned that discipline and education are keys to success in a country like Haiti. Thanks to her father, Midline experienced a unique childhood as a little girl to have him as her role model. She learned that determination and hard working are worth worthy. Her father as a single parent worked multiple formal and informal jobs to provide for her and her brother. She was fortunate to obtain her college degree while many youths in her neighborhood could not afford to even complete a high school degree.


Mideline decided to involve in helping people by following her father’s legacy. She remembered how her father used to split the very little they have to share with his neighbors and strangers. After her father passed in 2008, she pledged to bring her support to people in need in honor of his memory for the amazing father and human being he was. Since 2006, Mideline works as an Operation Supervisor in a private bank in Haiti. She joined the organization to effectively coordinate her effort in helping to make a difference in the life of people. She serves as the Assistant-treasurer of “Hope and Change for Haiti”.

Sephora Aime - Secretary

Sephora Aime, grew up in providence, Rhode Island and moved to Cranston about 6 years ago with family. Throughout her elementary school years, she was bullied by her peers and it was a difficult time for her.


In addition, joined Hope and Change for Haiti because, she loves helping people and aspiring to help change the world. Her family is from the Haiti as well. Moreover, also values in her faith in Christ, and education is highly important. As result, remains in school looking forward to studying nutrition and dietetics .

Reginald Ilorme - Assistant Secretary

My name is Jims Reginald Ilorme, I graduated  with an accountant degree in Haiti. I moved to the United States a few years after the earthquake stroke Haiti to start a new career and in search of new opportunities. i always have a strong connection to the Haitian community and always wanted to help my fellow Haitian brothers and sisters. 

Married and father of 2 children, I am honored to put my knowledge and motivation to HCH and hope together we can bring our contributions for a better future to those in need.

Dr. Alexandra Emmanuel 
Projects Manager

Alexandra Emmanuel completed her education in Haiti and France where she obtained a medical degree in general medicine and a PhD in immunology. A nature lover, a passionate about environmental sustainability, an advocate in health and social care, Dr. Emmanuel has always dreamed of a new Haiti with equal opportunities and general accessibility to basics needs such as food, water, housing, education and healthcare. Dr. Emmanuel has joined "Hope and Change for Haiti" to help to develop in Haiti sustainable projects related to  environment protection, creation of access to clean water, improvement of education and healthcare systems.  As project manager of Hope and Change, she is responsible for developing, organizing, managing and evaluating projects.

Brooke Conley
Public Relations

Brooke Conley is a mother of three boys. She received her bachelor’s degree in religion at Columbia University. Her professional experience includes domestic violence advocate & adult care activities director. Brooke joined the board of Hope and Change for Haiti because she was inspired by it’s focus on personal and community empowerment. As a student of history, she appreciates how Haiti has been a beacon of hope and freedom throughout the western world. She is honored to be a member of the board and is eager to learn more about Haiti and its people. Brooke is currently a co-owner of The Collective book store in Peace Dale, Rhode Island.

Nate Carpenter 

My name is Nate Carpenter, I’ve lived in Rhode Island my entire life and I’m also the coordinator for the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America. I completed my first relief trip to Haiti back in 2012 and fell in love with both the people and the culture. We spent time building schools and I was fortunate enough to experience both Basin Bleu and pumpkin soup!  I believe that everyone should have a fair shot in life and, after seeing some of the hardships that Haitians endure on a day to day basis, I’m happy to help in any way that I can. 

Prof. Merites Abelard 
Maxime Jean Philippe
Christen Sherman
Joan Daly 
Phil Jean Philippe
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