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Microfinance Program

To alleviate poverty and encourage economic growth in rural Haiti, particularly in Paillant, we develop a microfinance program to provide technical and financial assistance to women and youth who seek to start or growth their own business. We organize workshop on ENTREPRENEURSHIP, CHEMICAL USE in the items production, and techniques of labeling and assembling. 

On April 5 & 6 2019 in the municipality of Paillant-Haiti, Hope and Change For Haiti in partnership with the local authorities and other local organizations organized a workshop on ENTREPRENEURSHIP and the used of CHEMICAL in the production of items made locally. Training covered the techniques on making products such as detergents, soaps, vinegar, perfume, peanut butter, natural juice, jelly, jam, bread, cassava,..., they also learn about methods of assembly.


This workshop aims to assist the participants in the development or the expansion of their business and accompany them in the search of a diverse market for their products.


We seek to encourage local production for a local economic development. Over 150 people attended these 2-days workshop. Kudos to our local team.


Make a donation to help us to continue to support economic growth in Haiti.

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