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Advocacy for Women

It is an absolute truth that women are the backbone of all society. However women continue to be mistreated by a systemic patriarch. While they are mothers, teachers, counselors, friends, and sisters, women are constantly in a struggle to be recognized and valued for who they are. They continue to suffer from the systems of Government that refuse to acknowledge women’s rights as human rights. Even in the 21st century, women in every sphere still are the target of injustice.  

Unlike the context, the issues encounter by women in Rhode Island (Violence, abuse, sexual harassment, gender inequality, discrimination and low representation in the politic sphere), are mostly the same as what women face in developing county like Haiti. Women issues have no borders.

Working toward the Project “Empowering Women” contributes to a positive response to these issues. Empower women do not convene only political power to women. In our philosophy, empower women refer to a bigger picture. When a woman is economically independent, that is empowerment. When a woman knows her rights and can stand up for her belief that is empowerment.

The mission of this project ”Empowering Women” is to connect women, to share training and educational sessions on women’s issues, and promote strategies that will effectively bring real change.

Our core expectation is to strengthen and empower women through two different aspects:

  1. Educational tools

    • Training on women’s issues

    • Workshops

    • Seminars

    • Info session


  1. Economic tools

  • Enable women with economic means to develop small business


Indeed, while we provide educational tools to raise awareness about violence (verbal, physical, financial, sexual and emotional) against women and identify with them some effective approaches to tackle those issues that impacted them, we financially support women in providing resources to start small independent business to meet the pecuniary needs of their family and to secure a sustainable healthy lifestyle for themselves and for their children.


 We are seeking financial support to make this project and more a reality.

 2019 International Women Celebration 


Hope and Change for Haiti held their second annual International Women Day Celebration at the Rhode Island State House on Friday. The event was emceed by Pearl Farquharson. United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Democrat, Rhode Island) attended, as did Rhode Island State Treasurer Seth Magaziner.

US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse in his remarks At the International Women's Day Celebration

“We still have some fights ahead of us in Washington,” said Senator Whitehouse. “We are still fighting for equal pay for equal work. We are pushing back hard against the efforts to degrade women’s health.”

To read a full report about that event and watch the speeches of all the speakers, click on this article in UpriseRI by Steve Ahlquist: 

Aniece Germain, Assistant-Director of Hope & Change for Haiti.

International Women's Day Celebration, March 8, 2018



Recognition of three incredible women Rev. Rose-Marie Simon, Sr. Bertha St-Vil, and Sr. Camesuze Oxceus for their dedication in serving the Haitian Community in RI and Haiti. 


Advocacy for Immigrants

  • Direct Haitian immigrants who seek  information about immigration and legal assistance toward the rights services and resources

  • Advocate for immigrants rights, and legal reform to protect the TPS (Temporary Protected Status) holders

  • Stands against family separation, bigotry, racism and discrimination against immigrants

  • Provide small financial assistance to help newcomers, asylum seekers, and others to cover legal fees.

Please make a donation to support our current campaign to support 2 families in RI who are dealing with immigration's issues

Besides investing in community development with a focus on water, housing, goats, and education in the rural of Haiti, Hope and Change for Haiti-HnC also advocates for women and immigrant rights and promote cultural awareness in Rhode Island. 

In our advocacy role for immigrant’s right, we provide also financial assistance to some families to helping them to cope with their immigration status issues. Currently, we are working with two families who are dealing with financial hardship. For the security and confidentiality purposes, we cannot expose the name of these families. 

However, these families face with great difficulties to cover legal fees for attorneys in order to complete the filing papers to adjust their status. 

The first family needs a total of $ 2, 700.00.  They have $ 1,550 and they are looking for a remaining of $ 1150. Hope and Change for Haiti has already provided financial support for this family, unfortunately we are unable to afford the full amount needed.

The second family has been struggling with high cost for immigration attorney’s fees since 2015. As the head of the household is actually unable to work due to his status, it is very hard for them to manage the expenses of the living of the family. We hope to raise enough to provide $1,200.00 assistance to that family to help with legal fees.

As our resources are very limited, we humbly solicit your support to these families. Our goal is to raise $ 2,350.00 to help both families. Please click to donate to help these families. You can give $5, $10, $20, $100, $500, or any other amount.

Thank you for your continued support!

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