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Thank you for your contribution to Haitian Pumpkin Soup Fundraiser For Marie Michaelle Saintil

At our fundraiser organized in January 1st, 2020 for Marie Michelle Saintil who is battling stage four Breast Cancer, we raised $ 2,757.00. This has made a difference for Marie Michelle. We are grateful for your contribution and your presence. We couldn't have done it without your support and generosity.

We thank you.

Please continue to support her by contacting her through her social media accounts or directly by email at

Our work depends on your generosity. You can continue to support us by contributing online or sending a check to Hope and Change for Haiti at 200 Meshanticut Valley Parkway, Cranston 02920. Thank you for your support to our community.

Have a blessed weekend,

In solidarity,

Aniece Germain

Assistant Executive Director

Hope and Change for Haiti

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