I was so honored to represent Hope and Change for Haiti at the recent protest in Washington D.C. to reunite families and their children.

It was early morning on Saturday June 30th, that I boarded the bus with other Rhode Islanders, ready to begin a journey. The bus departed for Washington D.C. at 1:00 am, and our march together against injustice and cruelty began. For any human being, it is a moral call to denounce this shameful and inhumane situation affecting families and the children at the border. Hope and Change for Haiti was among several different organizations that constituted the Rhode Island delegation at this national mobilization to demand an end to family separation.

Despite the extreme heat, thousands of dedicated people came out to take this moral action. White, brown and black, we were all chanting in unity, demanding to end the cruelty of a policy that separates children from their parents. I was thrilled to meet and spend the day with such incredible people who give me hope. People from all walks of life, including parents with their children, all marched to demand that the government end this inhumane immigration policy.

It is with love and solidarity, that I express my appreciation to our partners and friends, particularly Sarah Markey who invited me, Gabriela Domenzain, Rodrigo Pimentel, Shawna Rihani and Liza Minelly for their hard work, and to all the people and organizations that contributed to make this trip a success. Thank you for standing up together.

The work is just started. Indeed, the immigration issue is truly close to my heart. Not only am I an immigrant, my fellow Haitians with TPS status (Temporary Protected Status) live with the daily fear of being deported. Their TPS status is under siege by this administration. With hope that the government will end its policy of fear and begin supporting those that need help, let’s keep the momentum going.

#FamiliesBellongTogether #EndFamilySeparation #FamilySeparation #Immigration #ImmigrationIssues #WomenEmpowerment #Women #EmpoweringWomen #Issues #TPS #TemporaryProtectedStatus #FamiliesStayTogether #FamiliesBelongTogether

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Municipality of Paillant

Department of Nippes, Haiti


About Paillant

Located in the Nippes department of Haiti, the municipality of Paillant has about 20,000 inhabitants who live on a surface area of 28.34 square miles (73.4 square kilometer) and a perimeter of 34.49 mi. The distance between Port-au-prince (the capitol of the country) and Paillant is approximately 71 miles (114.4 kilometers), and the weather averages 80° Fahrenheit (26.67° Celsius). Paillant’s geographical coordinates are 18° 25’ 0” North, 73° 9’ 0” West. Paillant contains many villages such as Jeannette, Desmarais, Bequin, George, Lebrun, Mussotte, Salagnac, Bezin, Corail, Viau, Carrefour Dent, Desmarhots,… It is a municipality that suffers of many social, economic, sanitary and educational issues. Indeed, that population is not exempt of problem related to the entire country which is poverty that includes lack of education, healthcare, road infrastructure, and jobs; inaccessibility to water, and electricity; anarchical construction; rudimentary technics for farming; absence of law enforcement, and bank. The economy relies exclusively on agriculture, livestock, and small commerce. Average family size is 7 members. Beside of all its problem of poverty, Paillant is such a beautiful place with a great potentiality of development, and a wonderful climate. The level of hospitality of its citizens are outstanding. If you want to discover what Paillant has to offer and you want to help us to develop sustainable projects there, please reach out to us by email or telephone or leave us a message on this website. Thank you!