Haitian Drums Workshop with Master Drummer Leon Mackendie

In Partnership with HAPPARI (Haitian American Partnership for Positive Actions of Rhode Island), Hope and Change for Haiti is hosting an event to bring the rhythms of traditional Haitian music to Rhode Island. This event is a one day workshop about Haitian Drum teaching to benefit the Rhode Island community and others nearby. Haitian Master Drummer Leon Mackendie from "Jean Appolon Expressions" (in Cambridge MA) is the facilitator of this workshop. This workshop will take place on Sunday March 17th, 2019 from 3:00 to 5:00pm at the RI Community Center located at 300 Laurel Hill Ave, Providence RI 02908.

As a trainer, Mr. Mackendie will cover a variety of drumming techniques, patterns, and sounds genres with the participants so they can learn to drum.

This event will be an opportunity to teach the youth in the Haitian community and other communities about the fundamentals, rituals, and history of the Haitian drums. This event aims to promote Haitian culture within other communities, and the Haitian community in RI where most of children who are born in the US from Haitian parents don’t usually have the opportunity to learn about the Haitian history and what are considered as sacred and spiritual for their ancestors. Considered as a sacred musical instrument in the Haitian culture, drums sounds have played a significant role in the slaves’ strategic battle to defeat the great Napoleon’s army of France to set Haiti as the first Black Country independent in the world in January 1st, 1804.

While this workshop is designed to welcome participants that have no prior drums skills, it also suitable to advanced drummers and it is a kids friendly event.

This workshop will not only strengthen the community but will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the cultural and historical aspect of Haitian rhythms and sounds throughout Drum. Thanks to our sponsor "The City of Providence Department of Art Culture + Tourism", this event is free and open to public. Click HERE to register on Eventbrite to attend. To support our continued work here in RI and in Haiti, please click on the Donate button below to make a donation. Thank you!


Dr. Norly Germain Executive Director Hope and Change for Haiti

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Municipality of Paillant

Department of Nippes, Haiti


About Paillant

Located in the Nippes department of Haiti, the municipality of Paillant has about 20,000 inhabitants who live on a surface area of 28.34 square miles (73.4 square kilometer) and a perimeter of 34.49 mi. The distance between Port-au-prince (the capitol of the country) and Paillant is approximately 71 miles (114.4 kilometers), and the weather averages 80° Fahrenheit (26.67° Celsius). Paillant’s geographical coordinates are 18° 25’ 0” North, 73° 9’ 0” West. Paillant contains many villages such as Jeannette, Desmarais, Bequin, George, Lebrun, Mussotte, Salagnac, Bezin, Corail, Viau, Carrefour Dent, Desmarhots,… It is a municipality that suffers of many social, economic, sanitary and educational issues. Indeed, that population is not exempt of problem related to the entire country which is poverty that includes lack of education, healthcare, road infrastructure, and jobs; inaccessibility to water, and electricity; anarchical construction; rudimentary technics for farming; absence of law enforcement, and bank. The economy relies exclusively on agriculture, livestock, and small commerce. Average family size is 7 members. Beside of all its problem of poverty, Paillant is such a beautiful place with a great potentiality of development, and a wonderful climate. The level of hospitality of its citizens are outstanding. If you want to discover what Paillant has to offer and you want to help us to develop sustainable projects there, please reach out to us by email or telephone or leave us a message on this website. Thank you!