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Hope And Change Brought Leaders From Haiti To Receive Training At URI

It's been a delightful fortnight (June 4-16) for Hope and Change as we brought 2 of our local leaders from Haiti to receive training on Leadership Development, organizing and mobilizing at the Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies of the University of Rhode Island. These 2 gentlemen Arol Ilerand & Acenel Laurent came last year to receive Level I of that training and this year, thanks to a great collaboration with the URI Center for Nonviolence and a financial assistance from "Milwaukee Project for Haiti" they came back to complete the requirements for Level II certification as trainer in Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation. In addition, one of our board members Aniece Germain has completed Level I of that training this year as we prepare to work with Haitian women here in RI to improve life in the community.

And this year at the URI Center for Nonviolence, the Bruce W. Tancrell Memorial Scholarship for Nonviolence Training & Peace Education was presented to our own Acenel Laurent. We want to sincerely Thank the Director of the Center, Dr. Paul Bueno De Mesquita for giving us the opportunity to have leaders from Haiti received that useful training at the University of Rhode Island. Thank you to the Tancrell Family and Stookey Family for their contribution to make the stay of our guests possible and enjoyable.

If anyone or any organization or school wants to join us in training more Haitian Leaders for Haiti, please contact us and help us to bring 2 women next year to receive that training at URI. We seek to bring local leaders for training on Natural Disaster's Management, Risks Management, Para-seismic Construction Training, and Women Issues. Any connection or advice is welcome!

In the meantime, you can still support our work by donating online or mailing it to our address. Visit our website to learn more and get involved in one of our projects. If you live in the New England, mark your calendar and make your reservation ASAP for our upcoming Gala Fundraiser at Imperial Room - Cranston on 8/22/2018. You can purchase your tickets HERE Thank you for your continued support!

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