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"EXEMPLARY HAITIAN AWARD" of Hope and Change for Haiti

Over the last 2 years we have found out that there are so many Haitians especially Haitian women living in RI who have worked tirelessly to support our fellows in many areas in Haiti where there are immeasurable needs. They have organized missionaries trips to Haiti several times per year, have sent thousands of kids to school, delivered sanitary kits and medication to needy people in Haiti, evangelized those who seek the presence of God, brought comfort to the oppressed and feed the hungry.

Even though they are dealing with financial hardships to continue their mission, they never give up. They dream, as we do, of a better Haiti. At Hope and Change for Haiti, we admire their dedication and determination, we value their work in making a difference in their community here and in contribute to progress in Haiti. While they have enjoyed working in the shadow for the last three decades, we feel it is time to let them know that we appreciate their work and they are not alone in this mission on making Haiti a better place for its citizens. Therefore, we recognize today 3 incredible women among a long lists by presenting them the “Exemplary Haitian Award” of Hope and Change For Haiti. We thank Rev. Rose-Marie Simon, Sr Bertha St-Vil and Sr Camesuze OXceus for their dedication in serving the Haitian community here in RI and Haiti.

You can learn more about their work by visiting Elmwood Avenue Church of God, Providence RI.

Donate to Hope and Change For Haiti is a continued support to our work.

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