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What if you give one family dinner worth to send a child to school for the entire year?

In America, a family of three spent approximately $50.00 to dine in an average restaurant. In Haiti, outside of the cities, mostly in the villages, $50.00 can cover the tuition fees for a child for one year. What if you decide to make a difference by giving one of your family dinner to send one child to school for the whole year?

In this elementary school located in a village called Viau in the Municipality of Paillant, the Principal, Mr. Oriol Joas, is seeking desperately some support to help these kids to have a chance to learn how to read and write. Thanks to the great supports of some of our friends in Rhode Island, five children will have the opportunity to go to school this year tuition free.

You can make a difference by giving $50.00 for one child to go to school. Contact us by email at: or by telephone: +1401 545 2653. Or you can just click on Donate and in the comments box, you can mention your donation is for education.

Thank you for your generous contribution.

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