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One  Goat for Education

Goats Project

Since its inception, Hope and Change for Haiti has supported two local elementary schools in rural Haiti, especially in the municipality of Paillant where we provide sponsorship for children, and distribute school supplies. While our supporters have facilitated the sponsorship program, we want to maintain financial sustainability and to contribute to the economic autonomy of the beneficiaries. Therefore, we are seeking to provide 200 goats to 200 children to ensure that these children‘s school fees won’t ever be a burden in the future.

With that project our expectation is to eliminate the dependency of the child to the Organization while promoting the economic independence. Within the first year, the goat will multiply and the parent can sell a baby goat to pay the school tuition fees for the child.

Goats Distribution to students of Elementary school "Ecole Communautaire de Viau, Paillant - Haiti


  1. Provide 200 goats to 200 children in two elementary schools in the community to help them to secure independently their school tuitions coverage by selling in a near future baby goats.



  1. Help families to cover school tuition of their child independently.

  2. 200 children will be able to stay at school

  3. By distributing 200 goats, within the first year, HnC will get back 200 goats due to the agreement that all the first born litter must be returned to the Organization.

  4.  The replication of the project is guarantee with the redistribution of another 200 goats to 200 other children.

  5. In five years, 1,000 children will benefit from this program so they can go and stay at school.

  6. Revitalize the livestock and farming in the community

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